Angels Northwest Deliverance Ministry

Deliverance from demons by the Name of Jesus Christ

Miracle of salvation, healings  financial blessings and deliverance from demons  by the power of the name of Jesus!

I received a call from a woman named Laura seeking help for Joshua. We met the the center. Joshua stated he was unable to believe in Jesus yet freely states he has demons and wants to be free. After a conversation explaining the gospel of Jesus Christ Joshua stated he could not accept Jesus. Joshua was deaf in his right ear, he had no sense of taste or smell his right knee had been severely dislocated in 2008 and was giving him much pain. He had difficulty expressing his views struggling for words he complained of being bi polar ADHD mental issues problems with unbelief and he felt suffocated, choked like a noose around his neck. He stated he was under some sort of financial curse and his work was only a few hours a week. 

As I continued to share scriptures with Joshua the demon controlling him manifested. He looked at me with pure hatred in his eyes. I then commanded it to come out of him in the name of Jesus. He was on the floor in convulsions coughing spitting up bloody mucus. As the demon left him he had fluids coming from his ears and nose also. 

He sat up his face was so bright he was looking behind me over my shoulder and he said "all I can see is the glory of God" I asked him to say Jesus is Lord. He did then he prayed to receive Jesus for salvation. He was so full of life his entire countenance had changed to joy. He started laughing. 

He said  he had no noose feeling around his neck anymore, his hearing in right ear was healed we plugged his left and tested it. His sense of taste and smell instantly came back. He even said wow I can smell myself.  His knee was healed from the pain of dislocation 6 years ago his thinking was restored and he was able to speak normally. He was standing on his right leg! He said his breathing was free no more suffocating feeling! 

Joshua's mother testified later that Joshua began speaking in tongues and his work hours dramatically increased 

The biggest miracle was he truly was born again and baptized with the Holy Spirit! Jesus is so faithful! 

Miracle of healing, freedom from torment and deliverance from demons  by the power of the name of Jesus!


We received an email: "I am in Tacoma, Washington for medical treatment and I am in need of a miracle from Jesus. I have spent $200,000 on medical expenses, I am getting weaker and weaker with all the same symptoms as ALS. I am not able to sleep at night because my body is making a ton of adrenaline to keep it from choking. My medical travel insurance is up this week. I have no one to take me home and at present I am to weak to travel back to Canada husband is also suffering with heart problems, we are trying to sell our house to pay bills. Right now all I can think of is suicide as a way out. The treatment isn't working because the body has to sleep in order to be able to heal.i have not slept in 2 months. i am 50 and have been suffering for 20 years but the past 6 months have been horrible. Is there anyone who can pray over me while I am here. I am staying at the silver cloud in Tacoma" She was from Winnipeg.

We called Patricia and went down to see her. When she opened the door she was physically bound up and I prayed inside "Lord if you do not do something for this woman tonight she is dead"

We spoke for a while and we began to cast out demons. After a brief but intense battle she was free. She was running around the motel room praising God. My wife prophesied to her that her husband would come to Tacoma. Patricia said no that's not possible. Later we found out that at that same time her husband had a phone call from someone who only identified himself as a prophet of God and told him the Lord was healing his wife and he was to go to Tacoma. He arrived within 2 days.

Patricia slept that night and we continued to minster to her over the next few nights. We saw her set free and glorify God for all he has done in her life!